We help you to make informed decisions with the help of all your data.

Trying to improve your business by analyzing your data is a hard task.
The required skillset to extract and store relevant data, to manipulate it and generate insights from it, and to create applications that can help decisionmakers is very hard to find. Even though the tools to automatize, to model and create apps have improved a lot, successfully deliver added value in practice is still not easy. On a business timescale, the digital era is still very recent. Some very successful firms have emerged, building great digital solutions, but many sectors or smaller firms are still left behind and don't tap into their data potential. They struggle to find affordable expertise and are scared to invest given the relatively high uncertainty that the data they have is actually valuable.

At RES, we have a vast experience in analyzing data and delivering analytics applications.
We work with our clients as partners, and assist them on the long run. We are transparant and fair, and try to build a relationship based on confidence. We can summarize our business practices with a few values:

>> Don't seek short-term profit.
>> Build a relationship through trust, not through contracts.
>> Acknowledge your mistakes, and learn from them.
>> Listen to everyone, don't judge too early.

What we do.

Our core competencies are:

>> Data analytics Service or API development (on-premises or in the cloud).
>> Data science and machine learning solutions: We analyse your data to provide business insights.
>> Training professionals (help your own team get independent and skillful).

The technologies we are experienced in:

>> Python (both web development: Flask, and data science: pandas, jupyter, keras, airflow, anaconda)
>> PostgreSQL database
>> Hadoop
>> Linux (mostly Debian or Ubuntu)
>> Windows (we don't prefer it, but we can work with it)
>> Microsoft Azure Cloud
>> Docker / Kubernetes